An HVAC system is an essential component of the home, particularly in extreme weather conditions like Arkansas. Having a well-conditioned air conditioner and heating system is very important. At times, your HVAC system may malfunction. This may cause more anxiety because people think repairing air conditioners or heating systems will give a huge repair bill to their mailbox. 

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Thanks to our HVAC repair services in Arkansas, these services are no longer unpayable. When you have your heating and air conditioning systems repaired on time, you will save more money.

Top signs that your heating or air conditioner systems may need repair 

  • If you don’t get cool air from your air conditioner

Not getting cold air from your air conditioner can be annoying, and you may lose your sleep because of extreme weather conditions. 

There are plenty of reasons for getting hot air. The fan may not be working, compressor failure, freon level may be lower than usual and other reasons which can be easily detected by an expert technician.

  • Your home is dustier 

You may dust your home regularly, but still, there is more dust every day. The reason for this is because your HVAC system is dusty. With the dust buildup, your system starts spewing those particles across your home. We have to clean the system to resolve this issue. If you don’t clean the system regularly, it may soon end up in costly repair. Schedule the cleaning appointments every six months. 

  • Your HVAC system continually turns on and off 

This could be a problem with the thermostat. If you reach out to an HVAC repair service company, they may replace the thermostat or clean the condenser unit, evaporator unit, and fan. 

  • Water leak around the unit 

Water leak around the unit may be a reason for one or more issues. There may be a problem in the condenser unit or drain tube. Another serious problem with your HVAC system could be a leaky refrigerant. A leaky refrigerant may cause significant health problems for you and your family. Please have your unit checked out right away.

  • You hear strange noises 

Hearing uncommon noises like scratching, clunking, or rattling is a typical problem among HVAC owners. You might think that the entire HVAC system needs to be replaced, and this ends up in a hefty bill. Good news, this is not the case. You might just need to have the belt or motor parts replaced. 

About Davis Air and Repair

Davis Air and Repair is one of the best heating & air conditioning repair companies in Arkansas. We offer 24 hours of repair service for all your HVAC systems and treat every client with the utmost care and sincerity. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who can provide a replacement, repair service, and maintenance to HVAC systems to residential and commercial customers.

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