John and Kama Davis married in 2001. At the time, John was working for another heating and air conditioning company in NWA while Kama attended college and worked part-time at a local veterinary clinic. Money was tight, but they had big dreams. In 2004 John was offered a lead position with another prominent company in the industry. It was a good job for the time being, but the Fayetteville couple always had it in the back of their mind that they wanted to own their own company someday. They just weren’t sure how they would get there. As years passed, John became dissatisfied in this position as he was unable to climb the ladder and further.

Kama prayed, “God provide a way for my husband to leave his current job and open new doors of opportunity for us.” A few weeks later John called Kama with some unexpected news. The company he was working for had just filed for bankruptcy and he no longer had a job. Kama hung up the phone in tears and remembers thinking, “I can either panic, or I can choose to have faith and trust God, so I chose to trust God, realizing that this could be the answer to my prayers.” Shortly after that, in March of 2010, John became a licensed HVAC contractor and opened the doors of Davis Air & Repair. The couple now have 4 children and operate the business together.

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