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Maintenance is key to the longevity of your AC unit. “A well-maintained machine is a healthy machine.” We can’t expect to buy any appliance and use it forever without putting some quality time, money, and effort into timely maintenance. An HVAC system is no different.

Preventative Maintenance for Heating and Cooling Equipment

It’s not smart to do extensive work on your own machines as you could damage expensive parts or cause potential injuries if the HVAC isn’t fixed properly, but there are a few basic steps you can follow to keep your HVAC clean and dependable. There are a few key points below you can use to personally maintain your AC unit.

  • Clean the unit – Unscrew the cover of the unit and remove the lid. Now take out the fan along with its cage. Using a vacuum on low power, clean the interiors of the unit to remove dust, dirt, and any larger debris.
  • Treat the fins – The space between the fins must be optimum to allow free airflow at maximum efficiency. So all dirt and debris must be removed. Again use a vacuum to remove the accumulation outside. Now use a water hose on low pressure to wash away any excess dirt left on the fins. Next you can use the proper tool to delicately straighten any fins that may have gotten bent.
  • Level the unit – Always make sure your unit is level. This will ensure full efficiency and proper working order on your AC machine. Use a high-quality support under the base rest of the unit to ensure it is horizontal.
  • Clean the coils – In the internal blower section, open the door of the evaporator. Use a no-rinse spray cleaner on the coils. These are available in most hardware stores. Let the residue liquid pass into the drain plate. Now use a hot soap water solution or medium concentration bleach solution to clean the drain plate. You can also place an anti-fungal/anti-algae ball in the plate to prevent biotic growth inside. Make sure to wear eye protection.
  • Clear the drain – The evaporator drain tube can get blocked due to fungi or algae growth, debris or corrosion residue. This can cause the unit to malfunction. To clear any clogging material, it is best to use a strong shop vacuum, as hosing down with water can leave residue inside your AC unit. Locate the end of the drain where it exits into your drainage system. Use the plain long pipe attachment to vacuum out the large particles of debris. A couple of minutes of vacuuming is usually enough to clear the drain.
  • Check and replace the filter – The air filter needs to be changed periodically several times a year for proper functioning. Purchase a new filter. Locate the filter receptacle near the air inlet. This should be in the form of a rack. Take the rack out. Clean out any dust or debris. Next put in the new filter and securely replace all the coverings and lids.
  • Get a contractor – Often, an even more comprehensive examination is necessary to detect more advanced problems and ensure that the unit is working well. While you can do your own periodic check a few times every year, you must also call a certified HVAC contractor annually to make sure your system passes all safety check ups and is working well. Always hire a contracted HVAC technician for all repairs, safety checks, and maintenance to ensure your AC unit is running at optimal energy efficiency and output.

For HVAC installation & maintenance in Northwest Arkansas and general questions on the best way to do your own maintenance, call Davis Air and Repair today.

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