Air Conditioning Services in Arkansas

24-Hour Emergency AC Repair in Northwest Arkansas


You may find it challenging to identify a company you can rely on when searching for heating or air conditioning repair services in Arkansas. You might be in a hurry to schedule an appointment and contact the first company you come across. There is a sense of urgency if it’s mid-summer or winter. It is essential to choose an established company that can offer the services you are looking for. There are companies out there trying to sell you parts or products that you don’t need. 


Here are some tips for finding the best company for heating and air conditioning repair services. 

Know the basics 

It is good to get a basic knowledge of your HVAC system and its components. If a company is trying to sell you more than you require, you will know if the replacement recommendations are needed. Having basic knowledge will help you understand what problem your HVAC system is experiencing and how to choose the right repair company. It is also good to understand your furnace’s life expectancy, so you know when it needs replacement. 

Get referrals

Many of your neighbors, family members, and friends have used HVAC companies before and can give helpful referrals, recommendations, and suggestions on what company to use. When you talk with others about HVAC repair companies, they will share their experiences with you. Another good way to get people’s opinions is to read a company’s online reviews. 

Know what services are offered by the companies

Many HVAC companies will provide free quotes. When you get an estimate, make sure charges are itemized for the corresponding repair service as well as the parts to be replaced. It is better to get multiple estimates from different companies to understand the prices better. The itemized estimate also helps you to understand if the cheapest option is also the best option. 

Know the qualifications of the repair professional

It is good to know the professional qualifications of the repair company. Find an accredited business, look at their licenses, and certifications from NATE (North American technician excellence) and HVAC Excellence. Having an HVAC association membership is a plus. The three major HVAC associations that you should look for are ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). 

About Davis Air and Repair

Davis Air and Repair offers air conditioning and heating services in NWA. We provide reliable services in Arkansas, 24 hours a day. You can request a free estimate for repair services, and our experienced professionals will consult you free of cost. All the repair parts that we use are company products and come with a warranty period. We offer repair services to both residential and commercial customers for all types of HVAC systems.

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