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If you’re on this page, you understand how important regular HVAC maintenance service is. Making sure your HVAC system receives annual comprehensive maintenance will save you precious time, real money, and a lot of hassle.

But how can you be sure the contractor you hired is doing everything by the book?

Here is a complete HVAC maintenance checklist.

HVAC Maintenance: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forego It

  • General Inspection – This is the first step of your HVAC maintenance service. Your contractor will check for visible defects or damage to your HVAC system. Then they will do a basic operations check by turning your HVAC unit on and off, and changing some general settings to make sure your system is running well.
  • Electrical Parts Check – The contractor will check the electrical connections, circuit boards, and wiring to rule out loose connections or short circuits. They will also run a circuit check to make sure electricity levels are oscillating at the normal rate.
  • Air Filter Inspection – Air filters get hit hard and need to be cleaned and changed regularly because they are constantly coming into contact with pollutant gases, particulates and debris. The HVAC contractor must check, clean, and replace filters when necessary.
  • Exhaust Outlet Examination – This is even more important than checking the filters, as blockage, leakage or backdraft can poison the air inside the house. The HVAC contractor must thoroughly judge the condition of the outlets and replace them when needed.
  • Condensate Drain Assessment – Problems with your condensate drain can seriously mess with the humidity level, temperature control, and general air quality in your house. Excess moisture due to blockage can cause rust, bacteria, and fungus to build up on your HVAC machine. The condensate drain should be checked often to prevent build up.
  • Heating Elements Maintenance – The HVAC contractor ensures that all of the ambient temperature control components are in good working condition. The heat pump should be checked for blockages due to debris as well as structural integrity and the condenser and evaporator coils should be cleaned and checked regularly.
  • Fuel Connections Inspection – This is especially important for safety reasons. Not only should oil and gas lines be thoroughly examined for defects, but they should also be cleaned out for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Airflow Maintenance – All components that maintain airflow and ventilation like blowers, fan blades, and rotors, must be regularly cleaned and checked for breaks, cracks, or other wear.
  • Thermostat Assessment – The thermostat needs to be checked out regularly to make sure it is good working order and producing the correct temperature.
  • Refrigerant Check – It’s very important your HVAC contractor checks to make sure the level of refrigerant is correct. Not doing so could cause serious problems.
  • Lubrication – The HVAC contractor should make sure all the moving parts have sufficient lubrication, or there could be efficiency and corrosion problems.
  • External Unit Inspection – The outdoor components must also be checked because they are exposed to pollutants and weather conditions which can corrode and damage the parts. It’s also a good idea to check all the covers, latches, screws, and other coverings to make sure everything is in good working order.

Davis Air and Repair are the go to choice for Arkansas residents looking for quality commercial HVAC repair, installation & maintenance. We do comprehensive maintenance services that will ensure your HVAC system stays in good working condition for years to come.

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